Friday, February 27, 2009

Modules written and improved for TAEB

While working on TAEB, the authors have worked on several other projects to add features and fixes, as well as start new projects. Here's a list of new modules written by TAEB hackers to make TAEB better:
  • MooseX::Singleton

    Sartak rewrote MooseX::Singleton from its unreleased "around new" state; others have built upon it. TAEB has since moved to MooseX::ClassAttribute due it be being faster and better.

  • MooseX::Role::Matcher

    doy wrote MooseX::Role::Matcher as a generalization of old item match code.

  • Tie::Handle::TtyRec

    Sartak wrote this to give TAEB ttyrec output without having to worry about the ttyrec format.

  • Games::Mastermind::Cracker

    Sartak wrote this so that TAEB wouldn't have to use his original C program to open the castle drawbridge.

  • Log::Dispatch::Twitter

    Sartak wrote this to automatically tweet TAEB errors and TAEB deaths.

  • Log::Dispatch::Channels

    doy wrote this to give TAEB an arbitrary number of logfiles with no fuss. Simply writing to a new log name creates a new logfile.

  • NetHack::Item
  • NetHack::Menu
  • NetHack::FOV
  • NetHack::Monster::Spoiler
  • All written for expressly TAEB. They've been factored out so that they could have sane test suites and be useful to other projects. NetHack::Item in particular is a gargantuan redesign of TAEB's old item code to fix a number of flaws.

And now a list of modules improved by TAEB hackers for TAEB:

  • Moose

    Sartak and doy have contributed a lot to Moose just for TAEB. (TAEB was Sartak's first Moose application, even)

  • Devel::REPL

    Sartak added quite a few plugins to make TAEB's debug REPL better.

  • IO::Socket::Telnet

    Sartak wrote the original version for Interhack. Added callbacks and made some improvements on day one of TAEB development.

  • IO::Pty::Easy

    doy wrote the original version for Interhack. Made many fixes found through constant use by TAEB.

  • Continuity

    Sartak made the debug logging pluggable to put debug messages from Continuity into TAEB's logfiles.

  • PadWalker

    doy submitted a patch to PadWalker ( #41710) to fix a crashbug tickled a lot in TAEB's REPL.

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