Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We're back!

The TAEB development team is excited to announce that we are back and developing TAEB again!

TAEB site's is now http://taeb.github.io. We're also providing the Interhack site at http://taeb.github.io/interhack. Finally, the canonical repositories of all our NetHack projects are are hosted in the TAEB organization.

If you had a fork of TAEB or Interhack (or NetHack::Item or or or...) we'd love for you to try to get your patches back into the mainline branch. Please create an issue or better yet, send us a pull request.

In terms of improvements to TAEB we don't have much to announce yet. We're busy modernizing TAEB to work with the four years of both NAO patches and changes to Perl modules since it was last run regularly. One brand new feature is that TAEB will now use the _ travel command (with exponential backoff in case he gets stuck – one oscillation problem solved!). There's of course plenty more to come!

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